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The Lightstream Difference

We combine an unmatched CUSTOMER CARE MODEL with world-class TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS featuring the latest in hosted and cloud-based technologies from multiple service providers to offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective “white glove” solutions.

Lightstream is a premium integrator of the most respected and robust technology solutions available. With an emphasis on core values of loyalty and customer care, Lightstream not only designs and engineers enterprise solutions, but also serves as a trusted advisor for complex business challenges, enabling partners to rapidly meet business objectives and achieve success.

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The Broadest Range of Technology Solutions Available

Lightstream is uniquely positioned to assist today’s IT professionals in navigating the otherwise impossible task of dealing with multiple technologies, carriers, and service providers. With over 100 technology partners, Lightstream integrates a wide range of technologies and services, providing a single point of contact for billing, support, and management.  As a result we give our customers the best product we offer…PEACE OF MIND.

Lightstream Has Advantages Over Service Providers

  • CHOICE: The right solution among multiple service providers

  • COVERAGE: We provide broader reach worldwide

  • CONVENIENCE: One-stop shop for all of your cloud, voice, data, network and professional services needs

  • ADVOCACY: We have the same priority and access to providers’ service centers as their direct teams, but we can bridge support between providers

  • SIZE: Responsible for millions of dollars of monthly services, but still small enough to be personable without bureaucracy

  • CARE: Our culture is all about customer care; this pervades our entire company

  • EXPERIENCE: A wealth of expertise and experience, with most of our employees coming from world-class technology providers

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A Better Experience

Lightstream is a technology integrator that truly adds value to customers through unique engineering, project management, and service-oriented solutions. Our resources differentiate us from all others in the industry. Not only are we your advocate with the difficult-to-work-with providers, but we also function as your consultative sales representation to provide you with an objective approach to comprehensive technology solutions.

Lightstream Solutions Model

We can help guide you through the challenges of migrating to new technology solutions.

We don’t limit you to one service provider; we prefer to give you all the options. From simple solutions to complex enterprise environments, we provide it all.

“Lightstream is in a unique position…”

“Lightstream is in a unique position among companies who provide technology services today. Instead of being limited like a carrier or cloud provider to what is in their own basket of offerings, Lightstream has partnered with all of the top network and cloud providers; which allows them to bring everything together under one umbrella. Having worked for large carriers for years, I think this gives them a real advantage over working with multiple service providers individually.” 

– Kary Burns, Co-Diagostics

Lightstream brings a very good mix of technical talent that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to have within our own ranks.
David St. Claire , Skywest Airlines
“Lightstream adds business value. They bring the best possible solutions and are an extension of my organization. They are family to me.”
Bruk Kammerman, HCA

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