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Professional IT Services

Lightstream can provide IT support to your organization as an extension of your staff in the form of Professional Services. We have years of experience installing and managing hundreds of different IT solutions in a wide range of environments and across a multitude of companies in varying stages of maturity. We understand that an organization’s technology infrastructure must provide a return on investment. Consequently our focus is to find the balance between implementing a wish list of technologies versus providing the right return on investment with solutions that are sized for your current needs with room for projected growth.

Infrastructure Design and Management

We can provide design and delivery services to update or replace an aging infrastructure or turn up a brand new one. Our focus is on the creation of a robust, scalable, flexible environment upon which business applications and solutions can be built cost effectively. The right network will neatly mirror your business and its operational requirements.

Network Management

Lightstream can support you with highly focused LAN/WAN network management services. Whether you need standard or custom monitoring we  can provide cost-effective solutions that you can trust.

Security Management

Security management is also a key component to our solutions portfolio as every organization needs protection from unauthorized access.  Our security services include many sub-functions, such as the authorization of subscriber access, the control of the distribution of cryptographic keying material, and the distribution and reporting of security-related events.

Configuration Management

We can help you work through the configuration of  your network as you review the many features and options in  software, hardware, firmware, etc. We can also help you test and optimize your configurations.

Program and Project Management

Lightstream can function as an outsourced PMO (Program or Project Management Office) for your organization with program and project management services that will help you to achieve your implementation objectives. Our PMO offering usually involves working on finite projects with short-term objectives. However we can also provide services that extend over a long period with varying levels of involvement. Our team works as an extension of your organization to identify timelines, outline the project scope, allocate resources and manage costs through a well-managed project and implementation plan.

Migration Services

Migration to the cloud or to a new network technology can be like moving a house. You would like to be reassured that all your belongings will be packed and carried with utmost care and delivered safely to your new location. Lightstream understands that your data is precious and takes the necessary measures to ensure secure packaging, safe transfer, careful unpacking and handover. We recognize the challenges of migrating services and offer a flexible framework for migration services.

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