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Global IT Solutions Designed For Your Organization

Lightstream has relationships with over a hundred providers reaching across six continents.  That means that with only one or two exceptions, we can get network services to any country on the planet.  Whether you need WAN connectivity spanning the globe, or voice solutions such as in-country DDI – whether terminated locally or backhauled as a SIP VTN to a central location – our breadth of international reach and experience sets us apart.  As Ethernet technology becomes increasingly available in even the most remote countries, we have the visibility into which providers offer the highest bandwidth at the most aggressive costs.  We have deployed multiple design topologies, from world-wide MPLS WANs on a single provider, to coordination of multiple providers on a regional basis all interworked into a single solution with a common look and feel.

International WAN Connectivity

Interconnecting remote locations domestically can be a challenge; tying together endpoints internationally takes complexity and coordination complications to a level that can be arduous and even next to impossible.  Because of our breadth of relationships, we have extensive experience in all quarters of the planet.  We deploy TDM, SONET, WDM, and Ethernet-based solutions across the globe and ensure seamless end-to-end experience.  Based on customer needs and requirements, we have designed very disparate solutions, ranging from relatively simple single-provider solutions, to complex multi-provider topologies which integrate services from disparate providers on a regional basis into a single, seamless customer platform.

Global SIP

Just as carrier adoption of Ethernet standards has redefined data connectivity, migration to SIP as the de facto standard for next-generation voice applications has dramatically transformed the landscape and enabled solutions to business initiatives relative to voice and call center services that even five years ago would not have been possible.  At Lightstream, we have designed and deployed everything from a simple SIP trunk at a single location, to large international call center platforms requiring toll free and local DID/DDI VTNs from multiple countries to point back to multiple call centers in different countries tied to agent software applications and databases replicated across multiple AWS availability zones.  We integrate these solutions into a customer’s existing Avaya, Cisco, or other IP PBX environment as well as deploy green-field wholly hosted SIP solutions all the way to the agent or employee desktop across the world.

Global Telecom Services

Whether you need single-country International Toll Free Services (ITFS), or a broader single-number toll-free solution across multiple participating countries, or you simply need POTS services in numerous different jurisdictions worldwide, Lightstream has a breadth of international voice options.  Our breadth of relationships not only provide our customers with coverage across all their locations no matter the country, but it also ensures that Lightstream customers get the most competitive rates.

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