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Cloud Envisioning

Cloud Envisioning helps you get up to speed on the latest cloud and technology solutions, best practices, and forward-thinking approaches that drive successful cloud implementations.

With Lightstream Cloud Envisioning, you’ll understand the technologies, challenges and benefits of cloud and digital transformation. We’ll also help you develop a cloud roadmap and blueprint customized to your business needs and goals.

As you set out to transform your digital infrastructure, take time to educate yourself about new technologies and approaches that have led others to success.

Cloud Envisioning Workshops

Cloud services present significant opportunities for businesses to benefit from scalable, highly available managed environments enabling them to improve business processes through cost optimized solutions.

Lightstream conducts multi-day Cloud Envisioning Workshops that include a deep discovery of your infrastructure and the current technology tools, services and processes supporting it. The workshops also include extensive knowledge transfer of best practices, optimal design patterns and guided implementation of foundational services for extension of their on-premise environment into Microsoft Azure and AWS.


Exchange information and discuss your goals and objectives with Lightstream architects. Establish a foundation about the latest technologies and industry-best standards/practices.


Visualize potential solutions and scenarios with Lightstream architects. Explore specific technologies and approaches more deeply to determine what your organization will embrace.


This session goes deeper into your current environment; compute, cloud, storage, networking, security, database, applications, operations, processes and culture as an overall maturity assessment.


Lightstream engineers, architects and subject matter experts will share and discuss industry best practices, design patterns, 3rd party solutions, and tool sets available to your organization.


Lightstream will deliver a document containing the current state of your infrastructure, and a blueprint with recommendations for transforming your digital infrastructure.

Elements of a Solid Foundation

We’ll help you establish the right foundation for your cloud infrastructure:

Core Platform Configuration, Governance & Cost Optimization

This includes subscription or account planning, tagging and billing strategy, resource grouping approaches, resource naming standards and security policies all focusing on the guard rails of governance.

Network and Interconnectivity

This focuses on physical sites, cloud connectivity design, routing, network segmentation, traffic flow management, content delivery services, DNS and network appliances.

Identity and Access Management

This is comprised of identity platform integration, cloud native and third party single sign on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) services and role-based access approach.


The most important pillars of the foundation, this is all layers of security, compliance approaches, cloud native and on-premise security services, third party security tool integration and security appliances.

Management and Monitoring

Operational effectiveness is driven by addressing logging, proactive monitoring, 3rd party monitoring tool integration, automated response, operational analytics and cloud management.

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