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Colocation Solutions

Is your business interested in maintaining control of system hardware or deploying legacy applications not suitable for cloud computing but you don’t have the bandwidth or facilities you need?  Colocation is a great option that can offer bandwidth, power, and security to support all of your business needs with a complete end to end Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Colocation is placing an independent server on an established data center with multiple Carrier network nodes available, which provides a constant high-speed connection from the Internet or Private line/MPLS to the server, along with the ability to deliver constant electrical and cooling needs for 100% uptime. It is the provision of space for a customer’s equipment on the service provider’s premises. Servers are usually mounted in metal racks in a purpose-built facility with a large amount of connectivity. These services are for companies who require complete control over their server configuration.

We will help you navigate through the business analysis and questions regarding how to select the right collocation strategy:
  • What tier of data center do I need?
  • How is space allocated in the colocation facility?
    (1U, 2U, 3U, 1/4 Rack, full rack, cage or private suite, etc.)
  • What kind of access will I have to my servers?
  • What kind of redundant power and network connectivity is required?
  • How will the colocation partner’s  network handle bandwidth and how do I burst if needed?
  • How are cross-connects handled?
  • Is the data center carrier neutral and which carriers are available?
  • Is their data center properly cooled and secured?
  • What are the security protocols and how are they maintained?
  • How is the colocation network routed and what kind of redundancy does it have?


Common Questions

  • What is the difference between colocation providers?
  • Who are the best providers?
  • How much access will I have to my servers?
  • How much bandwidth will I have access to when I need it?
  • Will my servers be secure?
  • Can I bring multiple carriers into one colocation facility?