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Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Whether it be disasters that cannot be avoided, like natural disasters or a technology hardware failure, or disasters that can be avoided, such as human error or process related impacts, Lightstream has the expertise and experience to help ensure you have plans and processes in place to minimize the impact on your business operations.

Lightstream uses a proven framework to customize disaster recovery services based on what’s critical to your business and your customers. Traditionally, service providers look at disaster recovery from an infrastructure perspective. We look at business operations availability from an applications resiliency perspective. This approach allows us to quickly define a recovery strategy that fits your technology landscape.

Our Disaster Recovery services include planning, design, implementation and management for everything you need from simple backup and recovery to full multiple site solutions, in all possible deployment scenarios, Private, Hybrid and Cloud.

Preparedness = Peace of Mind

Lightstream can help you to go home at night with PEACE OF MIND knowing that your network infrastructure is backed by a comprehensive  disaster recovery plan.

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