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Application Performance Management For Software You Rely On

If your business runs on software, app analytics is for you.  You’ll gain real-time insight from your applications—how they’re being used, how they’re performing, where they need help so you can fine-tune your application infrastructure. It is true Application Intelligence for the digital business. Lightstream provides the ability to trace transactions end-to-end, automate and expedite remediation and gain in-depth intelligence of your applications so you can focus on other mission critical tasks.

Trace Transactions End-to-End

The platform provides code level visibility into production performance problems

  • Trace transactions in complex and distributed applications
  • See every piece of the stack: databases, caches, queues, and third-party services
  • Understand the interaction between mobile apps and the server-side

Enhanced Visibility

Our application analytics platform allows you to see your entire application infrastructure through a “single pane of glass” allowing developers and executives to keep their finger on the pulse on how your system is performing.

  • Give everyone on the team real-time visibility
  • Correlate application performance against business performance
  • Understand applications, infrastructure, and the business

Automate and Expedite Remediation

Application Intelligence gives you the ability to compare agile releases and to have a better view and understanding of the performance impact and ripple effect of every change:

  • Code deployments
  • Server & database upgrades
  • Infrastructure changes

In-Depth Application Monitoring

Application Intelligence gives you visibility and control of every application problem that arises.  We incorporate the most powerful tools to get visibility into any problem:

  • Code bottlenecks
  • Memory leaks
  • Slow database queries
  • Infrastructure bottlenecks
  • Slow third-party web services
  • End-user experience

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Application Intelligence Management

Track and manage apps
View dynamic baselines
Powerful alerting
Avoid false alarms
Manage performance
Integrate with management apps